Read About the First Museums of Medieval Art in Romania in the Latest Article by Cosmin Minea, ‘Medieval Art, National Architectural Heritage and Museums in Late 19th Century Romania’

Abstract: This article describes how the material heritage was given new
shape and meaning in the context of the new nation-state of Romania. It starts
by looking at the history of the first public museum in Romania, namely the
Museum of Natural History and Antiquities in Bucharest and also at the
broader interest in the Roman antiquities in 19th century Romania. It then
focuses on the first restoration of historical monuments and the initiatives of
two of the most well-known architects at the time to establish museums of
religious art: André Lecomte du Noüy (1844-1914) and Ion Mincu (1852-
1912). The process of creating a national heritage for Romania has led to the
design of valuable new buildings and was underpinned by a powerful will to
modernise the country. At the same time, it has represented a destructive force.
The built fabric of historical sites and historical artefacts were reshaped,
rebuilt, given new meanings and context, so that to fit into the political
objectives of the new nation-state. The article will balance and analyse the
significance of these various efforts to restore historical monuments and
establish the first museums of Romanian heritage.