Conferences, workshops, public talks – 2020


Shona Kallestrup is speaker at the AAH annual public lecture ‘Re-writing Women Into Art History’ with a talk about Queen Marie of Romania. 3 December 2020, 7 – 8.15pm BST, Online. Details: and

Anna Adashinskaya, 26-27, November 20202 – Paper “Illuminated by Divine Presence: Discovery and Research of the Lightened and Lightless Spaces in Dečani Monastery,” Licht aus dem Osten? Light in Medieval Churches Between Byzantium and the West, Freie Universität Berlin.

Anna Adashinskaya, 26-31, October, 2020 – Paper “Donor Portrait in Historiography of Byzantine Art: Interpretation, Typology, and Perception,” Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art IX (Aктуальные проблемы теории и истории искусства IX), St. Petersburg State University,  St. Petersburg, 26-31, October 2020

”Mihnea Mihail, The Sacra cintola and Christ’s Side Wound. The Representation of St Francis and St Thomas in a 15th Century Wall Painting in Mediaș, TransylvaniaIconography and Hagiography. Visualizing Holiness, Fourteenth International Conference of Iconographic Studies, Center for Iconographic Studies, 15-16 October 2020, Rijeka

Cosmin Minea participant in the Curatorial Workshop ‘Handfuls thrown into air and scattered over earth’, Bucharest Biennale 9. Convener: Mick Wilson.

Mihnea Mihail, The Defensorium Mariae in Hărman. A Rare Medieval Iconographic Theme in a Late 15th Century Funerary Chapel from the Hungarian KingdomSalve Regina. New Approaches on Marian Devotion from the Middle Ages to the Council of Trent, Ca’ Foscari University, 28-30 September 2020, Venice

Cosmin Minea, participant in the Venice Virtual Summer Camp on Digital and Public Humanities, Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities, Ca’Foscari University of Venice, 6-10 July 2020.

Anna Adashinskaya, 3-5 April, 2020 – Paper “ Sweat, Fear, Joy, and Amazement: Personal Experience and Mental Journeys of the Orthodox Pilgrims to the Holy Land (the 12th to 15th Centuries),” online Conference “Art Readings 2020: Journeys” (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Art History),

Cosmin Minea, Paper: ‘À la recherche du style byzantin: André Lecomte du Noüy (1844-1914) et le patrimoine architectural roumain’. Les élèves d’Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, Workshop organised at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris. 20 et 21 février 2020:

Ada Hajdu, “National Architectural Styles from a Transnational Perspective: The Entanglements of the “Byzantine Style” in Balkan Historiographies at the Turn of the 20th Century”, and Shona Kallestrup, “Scandinavian-Romanian connections: a case study of the transnational dimensions of “national” art”, International European Revivals Conference, Art, Life and Place: Looking at European Transnational Exchange in the Long 19thCentury, Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki, 20-23 January 2020: